Economics Games : Inter-University Student Tournament!

We are launching a new (free) inter-university student tournament, based on an industrial organization simulation (close to those that are described here:

The qualification phase consists in playing 6 years of a mono-player simulation, between now and before November the 23th, 2017 (vs robots behaving like humans did, in previous experiments) .  You can play when you want, at your own pace. The 12 best teams will be qualified for the finals (and scores will be reset).

The finals will be played between November the 27th and December the 2nd, 2017: Players will have to enter one decision every day, before 21h CET.

Both phases are played online.




The winning team will be awarded a voucher around 300€ as a first prize (on amazon or a similar site).

Students can participate on their own, with no need of support from their instructors: The game will require some strategic thinking but there is no prerequisite in economics.
This should be fun, so join the tournament!

One team (2-4 players) from any university or school is welcome to participate (Registration is now closed)

You can also register to the facebook event, to stay informed:

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